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Our team of specialists in various fields with experience and expertise supports the clinical development.



Covering the entire processes of monitoring from the selection of and conclusion of agreement with the sites, through the managements and collection of case reports.

Quality control

Assuring the quality of the trial by strict quality control throughout the monitoring works.

Image analysis

While carrying out the most advanced image analysis researches, analysis supports for the clinical trials are provided.

Medical writing

Productions/revisions for SOPs an/or comprehensive reports are provided.

Execution/Management of the Independent Review Meeting

Selection of the image reader, preparation of manual, management and support for the Independent Review Meetings.

Some of the services performed

Our specialists in various fields

Specialists with qualifications and experience in various fields work as monitors at MICRON. Such specialists include clinical psychologists, nurses, CRCs, pharmacists, medical technologists, radiological technologists, registered dieticians, etc. At MICRON they closely work together so that their combined expert skills would maximize the quality of its overall work outputs, enabling MICRON”Ēs efficient and reliable monitoring services at the clinical sites.




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