Jul 27, 2020

「Brain Image Analysis Program PMAneo」Product Brochure

Information of the brochure for the product, “Brain Image Analysis Program PMAneo”, that Micron, Inc. is the Marketing Authorization  Holder.


【「Brain Image Analysis Program PMAneo」Product Brochure 】
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  Product Name                    Brain Image Analysis Program PMAneo
  Approval Number           301ALBZX00016000
  Marketing Authorization Holder     Micron, Inc.


“Brain Image Analysis Program PMAneo” is a fully automated brain image analysis software which measures low ADC region from MRI diffusion weighted image, and CBF, CBV, Tmax from MRI or CT perfusion image, then calculate and display volumes, volume difference, and ratio of region with low blood flow.

Some of use cases of this program function have been reported for supporting to select patient with acute stroke for thrombectomy and improving workflow. Moreover, it is expected to be used as a criterion for selecting subjects in clinical trials and clinical researches, and as a tool for evaluating therapeutic effects.


Contact Information regarding PMAneo
 Micron, Inc. (https://micron-kobe.com/)