Global Imaging Support

Valuable Imaging Services for Multinational Clinical Trials

Micron has established a tripartite alliance with imaging core labs in the UK and United States in order to provide valuable imaging services for multinational clinical trials. This support network includes sharing know-how of novel criteria in the West and taking advantage of time zone differences for rapid and efficient services. (For example, to promptly inspect images and provide assessment results to sites.)


Help Desk services are offered in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese by our certified Image Analysis Technicians. Our multi-lingual telephone support has garnered high praise from our clients. Moreover, we supply study manuals and on-site/online training in the four languages mentioned above.




Global Studies

Our in-house developed data transfer and management software allows for efficient collection of image data while reducing delivery times and costs. We also participate in Investigator’s meetings, kickoff meetings, and provide on-site training to foster closer relationships with the sponsor, sites, and CRAs while enhancing their comprehension of technical imaging procedures. Training sessions can be conducted via e-Learning system or web-conference in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese by our certified Image Analysis Technicians.





Site Help Desk

While English is the common language in most global trials, it may be a challenge for some Asian sites. The language barrier may prevent the site staff from fully comprehending or adhering to imaging procedures written in English, which may include difficult technical terms. These misunderstandings often lead to an increased time needed to resolve issues and decreased image quality which may impact the study results.


To handle these problems, Micron offers a Help Desk with telephone support in the sites’ local language. In addition to responding to inquiries from sites and CRAs, our Help Desk members directly call the site to thoroughly explain the specific technical issues and resolve them quickly and smoothly.


Real time interpretation services are also available for languages other than English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (such as Thai, etc.).