Micron sets the oncology as the one of the prioritized field and supports the image assessment for the anti cancer drug clinical trials. We are experienced in each phases (phase I to phase III), PMS (Post Marketing Surveillance) and doctor-initiated clinical trials. From this experience, we have acquired a wide range of expertise. We will be flexible in our support and reading of system development in ophan cancer clinical trials.


Cancer Modality Criteria Asian Study
Malignant lymphoma CT/CT, PET Cheson(1999, 2007)
Malignant pleural mesothelioma CT, PET mRECIST / volumetric analysis
Leukemia CT NCI working group guideline Korea
Lung cancer CT RECIST1.0, RECIST1.1 Korea, Taiwan
Breast cancer CT RECIST1.1
Bladder cancer CT WHO, RECIST1.1, irRC
Esophageal cancer CT RECIST1.1, irRC
Soft tissue tumor CT RECIST1.1
Kidney cancer CT RECIST1.1
Prostate cancer CT, Bone Scan RECIST1.1, PCWG2, PCWG3 China, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong
Colorectal cancer CT RECIST1.1
Liver cancer CT RECIST1.1 China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore
Gallbladder cancer/ Cholangiocarcinoma CT RECIST1.1
Ovarian cancer CT RECIST1.1
Stomach cancer CT RECIST1.1
Brain tumor /Head and neck cancer CT, PET, MRI RANO
Melanoma CT RECIST1.1, irRECIST
Neuroendocrine tumor CT RECIST1.1
Pheochromocytomas CT RECIST1.1

We cover international standards and papers and expirenced major evaluation criteria for each disease area such as RECIST 1.1, Modified RECIST 1.1, Cheson 1999, Cheson 2007, RANO, irRECIST, PCWG2, PCWG3.

Our Training Environment

Compared to the clinical trials of other disease areas, it is said that oncology studies are very complicated. Full knowledge of RECIST, other criterias, and various guidelines are required to handle the oncology studies. At Micron, we conduct both introductory and appropriate follow-up training to our employees who join our oncology team. Additionally, oncology team members participate in various cancer academic conferences such as those by the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology and the Japan Society of Clinical Oncology. We also participate in seminars to glean the latest information in oncology research. From these trainings and conferences, we strive to provide high-quality service and data for various oncology studies.