Using medical imaging for treatment response determination has been increasing in popularity in orthopedics as well. Regenerative medicine, which has been the hot topic in healthcare, is also an anticipated technique in orthopedics, such as bone fracture treatment and joint cartilage regeneration. Image data (e.g. MRI and X-ray) assessment is mandatory for them. Micron has a wealth experience in organizing the central review and image data analysis in orthopedics. Of course, we provide our imaging core-lab services not only for clinical trials, but also for clinical research. Our large-storage server, self-developed remote image data reading system and experienced imaging technical staff members enable large-scaled clinical trials with over 1,000 subjects and the central review expeditely and efficiently.


Target Disease Modality
Artificial hip joint X-ray
Osteoporosis X-ray, Dual-energy X-ray (DXA)
Intervertebral disk displacement MRI
Achilles tendon measurement X-ray
Hip joint (regenerative medicine) MRI

We are experienced in vertebral body fracture assessments (Semiquantitative Method = SQ method, Quantitative Measurement = QM method), DXA bone density assessment, volume analysis, articular structural assessment (3D MOCART, etc.), and qualitative assessment (T2 mapping, etc.) using X-ray and MRI. In addition, our services support a wide range of standards and analyses.

Micron’s Strengths

Expertise in MRI

Implementing MRI imaging for treatment response determination for articular inflammation or bone regeneration has been gaining attention. In multi-center studies, imaging standardization and the optimal evaluation method selection are the important factors. Micron offers consultation services to find the appropriate imaging conditions or image data analysis or evaluation method for each clinical study. These services are provided by our imaging service staff with MRI clinical or research experience. Additionally, our expert staff can visit the radiology department of medical institutions and adjust the optimum imaging parameters for the clinical trial. Also, our team has the capability of a state of the art image analysis on specific work stations. We support the standardization of the image analysis as well.


Large-Scale Clinical Trials

Micron has prepared the all-in-one imaging system which covers the procedures from image data reciept from the site through the central review by the readers. In addition, we provide multiple kinds of services to support the study sponsor. These allow us efficient operation even in large scale clinical trials with a huge amount of medical image data. We also offer flexible services to conduct central review smoothly. For example, for the assessment of vertebral fractures, our expert staff will plot the vertebral body number in advance to make it easier for the readers to identify the vertebral body level, and the order and position of the images to be displayed are finely adjusted to the preferences of each reader, and set to be displayed with just the touch of a button. The readers can quickly interpret the image data. Based on our medical expertise in the field of orthopedics and extensive experience in the operation of central review, we strive to provide high-quality services to be your best partner.