Corporate Mission

Micron promotes integrity and reliability as a solid partner for
pharmaceutical development, while maintaining our creative and
ambitious spirit, ultimately striving to become the leading imaging
contract research organization in Japan.

President Michita Sato

Recently, the use of medical imaging techniques such as PET, MRI, CT, and SPECT are increasing in clinical trials.

As the first imaging CRO in Japan with the biggest team of imaging experts in Asia, Micron conducts various CRO business activities and completly supported imaging clinical trials and researches;

  • Image data handling in clinical trials for medical drugs/devices
  • PET site establishment
  • Complete support for clinical research and investigator-initiated clinical trials
  • Imaging-biomarker development
  • Distribution of image analysis software
  • PET tracer manufacturing support

Also, Micron is evolving day by day with expanding its business function by securing personnel, accumulation of knows-and-hows, operational systemization, and software development.

Michita Sato

President, Micron, Inc