Imaging Services

Recently, medical imaging has been chosen as an end point in many clinical trials and has become popular. Micron supports clients and reserchers imaging specialist by providing extensive support such as reading system rental to full imaging support package to maintain the quality of clinical trials.

Imaging quality cannot be ensured by the scanning procedures or imaging analysis procedures alone, but by the performance of the people such as the monitors, CRCs, site staff, and various people who handle the imaging processes impact the imaging quality. We also provide various kinds of training to ensure the quality of clinical trials.

In Micron, there are specialists such as radiological technologists, registered dieticians, clinical psychologists, nurses, CRCs, pharmacists and medical technologists with qualifications and experience in various fields. They closely work together so that their combined expertise will maximize the quality of the overall work, enabling Micron’s efficient, and reliable high-quality services at the clinical sites.

  • Protocol /
    Manual Development
  • Clinical
  • Approval
    Clinical Sites
  • Data QC
  • DICOM Viewer Software/
    De-Identification Software Rental
  • Help Desk Service
  • Cerntral Review / Remote
    Independent Central Review
  • Image Analysis
  • Data

Support for Protocol / Manual Development

Micron can help sponsors and researchers by providing specialized and appropriate advice for imaging processes in clinical trials such as imaging procedures, image quality checks, and image assessment.
We create various manuals not only for trials in Japan, but also for global studies.

Co-Ordination of the Site (Phantom Test Support)

Especially for PET imaging multicenter clinical trials, standardization of the PET scanner is the key to maintain clinical trial data quality. Micron’s site co-ordination service is provided by specialists who have expertise in medical fields (e.g. radiological technologists). Trial sites can proceed with the site coordination process free of stress.

Imaging Analysis

From our abundant experience, we can show you the most appropriate method of imaging analysis for your clinical trial. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding imaging analysis. In addition, we also can provide statistical analysis.

DICOM Viewer Software / De-Identification Software

Micron rents DICOM (Image) viewer software and subject information masking software.

Reader Selection

We have an imaging academic network, and also connections with experienced readers both in Japan and overseas. Based on the protocol and criteria, we will select a reader who is specialized in the field.

Central Review

Micron will arrange various types of central review meetings upon the request of the sponsor (e.g. face to face / remote telephone conference / remote independent central review).

Help Desk Service

We provide a clinical trial specific help desk to support the trial site. This service is staffed by our imaging specialists. To resolve any issues, we are happy to support the trial sites or sponsor by providing timely email / telephone support. This service is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.


Micron, with Imaging CRA ™ and Japan's largest medical imaging analysis team, has accumulated the know-how to utilize medical imaging at the endpoint of clinical trials and supporting various clinical trials by closely communicating with domestic and foreign KOL or experts. We are promoting the systematization and develpment of medical image analysis software, including the expanding of capabilities, and recommending optimal clinical trials as a pioneering Imaging CRO.