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Micron has a dream, “To be present at the moment of medical evolution”. To make this dream come true, we actively provide innovative medical products and services.

Through the development and spreading of novel imaging biomarkers (iBM), which are indexes of imaging diagnosis or treatment, along with the development and introduction of medical device program software that analyzes these biomarkers, Micron provides various support and consulting services for related products and services.

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Keep subject personal information secure! The de-identification or editing of DICOM tags can be done. Even CRCs and CRAs can easily operate this software.

Posted date 2020/02/27



Micron, with Imaging CRA ™ and Japan's largest medical imaging analysis team, has accumulated the know-how to utilize medical imaging at the endpoint of clinical trials and supporting various clinical trials by closely communicating with domestic and foreign KOL or experts. We are promoting the systematization and develpment of medical image analysis software, including the expanding of capabilities, and recommending optimal clinical trials as a pioneering Imaging CRO.