Micron Leadership

Micron is committed to human health and medical progression by supporting research activities in the medical field through utilizing imaging technologies.

Michita Sato


Hiroaki Suzuki

Co – founder
Director, Board Member

Suguru Miyaji, PhD

Director, Board Member

Akira Yokono

Head, Clinical Development Div.

Noriko Kawarada

Director, Monitoring Service Dept.

Yuriko Osaka

Director, Imaging Service Dept.

Takehito Okamoto, PhD

Director, Imaging Science Dept.

Naoki Matsukawa

Director, Business Process Dept.

Takao Ando

Director, Corporate Planning Dept.
and Administrative Dept.

Akiko Shibuya

Director, Quality Assurance Div.

Tetsuaki Kunieda

Director, Quality Control Dept.