Global Reach

Japan, Asia and Beyond – Hands-on experts with vast imaging experience for your global clinical trials

We have provided our services to imaging studies in Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and the US.

Micron is a long standing Japanese company with an excellent reputation for quality and deep experience in the imaging for clinical trials space.

Micron is the hidden gem of the iCRO world. We are reaching out globally to make our company name better known in the drug development industry.

Why wouldn’t you choose Micron for studies in Japan and the APAC region and beyond?
We offer multiple native language speakers, cultural experts, in addition to decades of iCRO experience.
We possess a strong understanding of Asian cultures and customs for smooth communication, site set up, and responsiveness to sites throughout clinical trials.

From our customer surveys:

“Micron is a flexible, reliable, friendly, expert, nimble company, versus very large inflexible merged companies”
“Micron is not just an imaging CRO, it’s much more…”

24 Hour Support​

Micron proudly offers 24/7 global support. Whether you’re imaging site staff, a CRA (Clinical Research Associate), or a sponsor, our portal is your direct line to streamlined assistance.

An automated assistant swiftly addresses your queries, and when you seek deeper insights, our chatbot connects you seamlessly to our imaging experts, guiding you every step of the way. Our support doesn’t stop there. Micron’s portal ensures continuity, tracking interactions, creating cases, and assuring thorough follow-ups. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Explore a wealth of resources within our user-friendly portal – FAQs, manuals, and study materials – designed to empower various imaging roles in clinical trials. It’s your all-encompassing support system for clinical trial success.

Proactive Site Management

Micron brings extremely proactive imaging site management to our customers. We are tightly connected with clinical trial imaging sites throughout Asia and the world; we make relationships and efficiency our business.

Project Managers

Micron does not overload our Project Managers (PMs); customer service is one of our primary focuses. PMs usually handle 5 medium to large projects at one time. We bring you the highest quality services.

Rescue Studies​

Micron has done rescue studies, which have led us to repeat business with happy customers. Have Micron manage imaging for your clinical trials so that a rescue study is never needed.