Customer and Site Care​

At Micron, we care about and value our customers’ insights. We conducted surveys in 2020 and 2023. See how others describe Micron, below. Customers recommend us to their colleagues in the industry. Furthermore, we use audits and surveys to improve our company in line with our customers’ expectations and wishes.


Friendly / Courteous

“Prompt, kind, courteous”
“Response to detailed requests in a courteous manner”
“Smooth responses to inquiries”​
“Assistance is courteous and easy to work with”​

Micron – “The One and Only”
“I appreciate that you are always attentive to our detailed requests and that you consider difficult requests in an effort to accommodate them as much as possible” ​




Prompt / Adhere
to Timelines​

“You adhered to the timeline and provided quality work. Thank you very much”
“Thank you for always doing quality work in a timely manner. We look forward to working with you in the future”​

They “Do the job properly”
“Because I think Micron is the most experienced vendor. We have a high level of trust in the quality of their work”


Accurate​ / High Quality

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