The Imaging Difference

Micron is here to manage your Imaging Contract Research Organization (iCRO) needs. Our mature imaging processes take the worry out of clinical trials imaging requirements. Micron manages imaging for clinical trials globally, including the Asia Pacific region, with unparalleled cultural and language ingenuity. In the iCRO world, Micron delivers regulatory rigor, a deep global presence, renowned expertise, years of wisdom and training in many therapeutic indications, imaging modalities and assessment criteria. Our top-notch qualified real-world experts have managed the risks in imaging and image-analysis for multi-site global clinical trials for two decades.

Our Mission and Vision

Micron’s Imaging Services Mission Statement

Micron’s medical imaging mission is to make the world better through curing, treating, and maintaining diseases with new therapies. We have a passion for finding innovative pathways to new technologies, research and development in imaging. Our focus is on customer relationships, flexible and reliable internal expertise, deeply rooted in science and medicine. These are the hallmarks of Micron’s almost 20-year journey.

Micron’s Imaging Services Vision Statement

Micron’s medical imaging vision is to promote a healthier future for all human beings. We do this by continuously researching and developing new and insightful imaging technology. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to creatively develop new possibilities and solutions.

Please click here to see our corporate vision, value and behavioral standard. (Japanese article)


MICRON stands for Molecular Imaging CRO Network.

Micron, Molecular Imaging CRO Network

3 rings represent​
“Universe” for the secret of life,​
“Molecule” for molecular imaging, and ​
“Network” for a driving force for innovation in new drug developments