Dec 05, 2018

Micron will hold the session at Taiwan Clinical Research Association (TCRA)

We’re pleased to announce you that now we’re the member of Taiwan Clinical Research Association (TCRA).

In December, we’re going to hold our 1st session at their monthly meeting.

We’re so grateful to have this opportunity and also share this news with you.


– FDA Guidance: Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoint Process Standards

   From the background to the planning of the Imaging Study

– How to Handle the Multicenter / Countries Study with the Imaging Endpoint

   Items should be prepared in Imaging Charter and Micron’s experiences

– Quality Management System in the Imaging Study

   Risk-Based Approach in Imaging Studies

Presenter: Mari Anzai MD, Keji Notomi

Venue: Chinese Culture University, Taipei


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TCRA 2018 十二 月份會議議程