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Micron, an imaging CRO (iCRO) founded in Japan in 2005, has one of the largest imaging specialist teams in Asia. Micron’s imaging specialist team provides high-quality, centralized image analysis services for the clinical development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices with its external, experienced radiologists and physicians as central readers. Micron’s imaging studies have spanned the United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, and have been in a wide variety of therapeutic areas across a multitude of imaging modalities (e.g. CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, bone scintigraphy endoscopy, ultrasound, IVUS, IOCT, medical photography, medical videography, fundus photography, eye OCT, DeXA) and imaging sites. In addition to oncology clinical trials, with expertise in all relevant read criteria from RECIST to Cheson, Micron’s imaging studies include: Cardiovascular disease, orthopedics, regenerative medicine, central nervous system disorders, ophthalmology, and PET tracer development. From those experiences, Micron has even developed an image data transfer and imaging study project progress management system, and image data de-identification software. With these tools, Micron’s imaging specialist team offers smooth, professional imaging study project management for clients, CRAs, investigational sites, and imaging sites.

In addition to iCRO services, Micron also offers multiple services, such as, conventional CRO, PET imaging facility establishment support, imaging biomarker (iBM) development, and medical device software (Software as a Medical Device, SaMD) development and distribution. Micron conducts various activities as the only iCRO in Japan that can provide comprehensive support using medical imaging for multi-center clinical trials, clinical research, and investigator-initiated clinical trials.

Since its establishment, Micron has been contributing to healthcare by approaching medical imaging from both diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives. Our new project, “INDICATE” (INnovative Diagnostic Imaging Capabilities Adoption To End-users), delivers innovative imaging technology to your doorstep, and it has been launched with the theme of “Bridging the gap between SaMD and diagnostic technologies”. In this project, Micron introduces and proposes image analysis technologies that incorporate AI or other advanced digital healthcare technologies, including those from outside Japan (Seeds). Micron will act as a bridge between companies that want to introduce those products (Seeds) into the Japanese market, and academia, pharmaceutical companies, or medical device companies that are interested in such unique, advanced technologies (Needs). Micron has also been refining various image analysis technologies as an imaging CRO.

Micron will continue to actively contribute to the development of digital healthcare technologies related to medical imaging and healthcare, by introducing image analysis technologies that can be used not only in the clinical development market, but also in daily practice, as a company that “advances medical imaging technologies comprehensively”.





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